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This section contains various papers written and/or maintained by members of The WebJob Project. The default format of these papers will be PDF. To view these papers, we recommend Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. Where possible, each paper will be available in two formats: classic and on-screen. If you intend to print the document, you should download the classic format. If you just want to read it at your terminal, you should download the on-screen format.

Note: No matter which format you select, we have found that the best viewing results are obtained when you download the document and view it outside your Web browser. To download these documents without having them automatically displayed in your Web browser, try using a right click on the link followed by "Save {Target|Link} As..." or whatever option your browser provides to save the document directly to disk.

Note: The on-screen documents have been known to lock up or become sluggish when viewed by Acrobat Reader from within a Web browser. This behavior has been confirmed on Windows NT/2K systems for both Netscape and Internet Explorer. Upgrading to Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher seems to eliminate this problem.

What is WebJob

This paper/presentation pair, authored by Andy Bair, describe what WebJob is, discuss its benefits, and provide some examples of how it works.

Snort Management System: Managing Multiple Snort Instances on Many Systems

The snort management system enables engineers to efficiently manage and deploy small and/or large production snort environments. This system employs the open-source WebJob framework and several other open-source technologies including: oinkmaster, rsync, snort, and ssh. The system is designed to minimize the workload involved in managing the snort rules and related snort configuration files, while maintaining a high degree of security and robustness. A secondary goal of this system is to advance the open-source methodology for managing a large number of snort instances in an enterprise environment. This article describes how the system functions, and it further discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the solution.

WebJob Breakeven Analysis -- Installing and Configuring a Solaris Package

This paper describes the labor cost associated with deploying and configuring a Solaris package on several hundred systems.

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