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webjob-mldbm-set-job-kvps - Set job- or client-related key/value pairs.


webjob-mldbm-set-job-kvps [-r] [-d db] -c client-id -j job key[+-]=value [key[+-]=value ...]


This utility sets job- or client-related key/value pairs. When using the '=' operator, the value specified on the command line may be any arbitrary string, and the value in the database is overwritten. When using the '+=' and '-=' operators, the specified value on the command line must be an integer in the range [0,9999999999], and the value in the database will be incremented or decremented as appropriate, but only if it's an integer in the range [-9999999999,9999999999]. Non-existent, undefined, and empty values will be converted to a value of zero.


-c client-id

Specifies the client ID to update.

-d db

Specifies the MLDBM database to update.

-j job

Specifies the job to update.


Reverse the meaning of the client-id and key arguments. This option allows you to set the value of a single key for each client/value pair specified.


Klayton Monroe


webjob-mldbm-create-job(1), webjob-mldbm-delete-job(1), webjob-mldbm-get-job-kvps(1), webjob-mldbm-list-jobs(1)


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