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webjob-compress-upload - Compress the group of files created by a WebJob upload.


webjob-compress-upload [-m {bzip2|compress|gzip|none}] [-p path] [-x ext[,ext[,...]]] -r rdy


This utility compresses the group of files created by a WebJob upload. The specified rdy file identifies the group to be processed. A group consists of four files having the following naming convention:


The rdy file is used as the group identifier because it is the last file created by nph-webjob.cgi, and its existence implies that all files in the group have been written to disk. In other words, the group is ``ready'' to be processed.

This utility was designed to work with WebJob's server-side triggers and configuration overrides. For example, suppose that you want to automatically compress (using bzip2) the output produced by a job called 'hourly'. To do that, you would create a custom config file override, and populate it with the controls shown below.

     --- nph-webjob.cfg ---
     PutTriggerCommandLine=webjob-compress-upload -m bzip2 -r %rdy
     --- nph-webjob.cfg ---

Make sure that webjob-compress-upload and your chosen compression utility (bzip2 in this case) are in the Apache user's PATH. If they aren't, you can use the -p option to specify an alternate PATH.

Store the newly created config file in the following directory, which you'll probably need to create:



-m {bzip2|compress|gzip|none}

Specifies the compression method to use. The default value for this option is 'gzip'. If a value of 'none' is specified, no action is taken, and the script simply exits.

-p path

Specifies an alternate PATH to use. The default value for this option is:


Use this option if your compression utilities live outside of the default PATH.

-r rdy

Specifies the name of the rdy file to process.

-x ext[,ext[,...]]

Specifies a comma separated list of extra extensions. The files associated with these extensions will be added to the group of files that are to be compressed. Any files in the group that don't exist will be skipped.


Klayton Monroe


webjob(1), nph-webjob.cgi(1)


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