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webjob-cfg-update-list - Update an existing KVP list.


webjob-cfg-update-list [-a] [-d delimiter] [-m {merge|replace|remove}] [-t type] -f {file|-} -k key [value [value ...]]


This utility updates, creates, or replaces a KVP (Key/Value Pair) list. Duplicate values (if any) are automatically squashed.



Instructs the script to automatically create keys if they don't exist. This option is disabled by default.

-d delimiter

Specifies the list delimiter. Valid delimiters include the following characters: space ' ', comma ',', colon ':', semi-colon ';', and pipe '|'. The default delimiter is a comma. Note that parse errors are likely to occur if the specified delimiter appears in any of the values.

-f {file|-}

Specifies the config file to operate on.

-k key

Specifies the name of the key to update.

-m {merge|replace|remove}

Specifies the mode of operation. Merge mode will cause values to be merged into the specified list (if it exists). Replace mode will cause the specified list to be completely replaced by the new values. Remove mode will cause existing values to be deleted from the specified list. The default mode is Merge.

-t type

Specifies the type of config file being operated on. Each supported type has a custom template that is used to validate keys and values. Currently, the following types are supported: ClientAcl and Generic. The default type is Generic.


Klayton Monroe


webjob-cfg-create-list(1), webjob-cfg-delete-list(1)


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